Trends reports

Consumer & lifestyle

We hunt consumer & lifestyle trends for specific business sector, getting concepts, insights & advices about how innovate strategically. We create the input of inspiration & knowledge that our client needs, analyzing local & global trends for better results.



Insight hunting for innovation

We conduct consumer & market research directed to innovation processes, closely following the needs of our clients. We establish a business framework for setting goals for fasts, strongs & usefuls results and yet innovative and differentiated insights. We have a network of correspondents in major Colombian cities and throughout Latin America. We report on video, photographic output and written texts.


Focus Group and Virtual Drive Tests

Technology tools and professionals in diverse disciplines

We are able to design focus groups and campaign tests virtually performing optimally in time and costs. We are able to design online platforms tailored to your creative research process and to implement projects to suit your need. This involves 100% functional user participation in the main cities of Colombia and Latin America, then followed up with a comprehensive analysis. We deliver trend reports with accurate insights, concepts and recommendations for innovation projects.

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